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I Got Nothin’…

I Got Nothin’…

…So you get this:  Rick Wakeman talks about being a Christian


And….now he talks about….just kidding!  He don’t talk at all.  Spoiler: It gets crazy starting at 2:37


Finally…this is hilarious



Leading WWII Air Ace Dies at 93

Leading WWII Air Ace Dies at 93

R.I.P., James Goodson.

My father was a WWII pilot and were he still alive today, he would be 96.  There are not many left of The Greatest Generation and we lose more every day.  God rest their souls – they were faced with a horrific task and they did their duty.

Sidenote:  We learn from Goodson that smoking is good for you:

That June, he was in his P-51 making a strafing run over a German airfield when he was shot down. He fled into a birch forest before collapsing from injuries. He eventually was caught by the Germans and threatened with execution.

He recalled that one captor asked him if he wanted a drink or another indulgence before being shot. Mr. Goodson spied a box of Havana cigars, asked for a stogie and began to blow smoke rings, which he said shocked the German and led to a conversation about their mutual interest in cigars.

“The guy had never seen anything like that,” Mr. Goodson once said in an interview, “and I started teaching him how to blow smoke rings.” Instead of being shot, he was sent to a prisoner-of-war camp.

“People say smoking costs lives,” he said. “It saved my life.”

Godspeed,  Lt.Col. Goodson.  Rest Well.

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Hawking: “Success in Creating AI Could Be The Biggest Event In Human History…

Hawking: “Success in Creating AI Could Be The Biggest Event In Human History…

….it could also be the last”.  D’oh!  In an article published yesterday in The Independent, Steven Hawking (et al.) lay out some of the benefits to be reaped from the development of Artificial Intellligence (AI) and some potential downdsides:

One can imagine such technology outsmarting financial markets, out-inventing human researchers, out-manipulating human leaders, and developing weapons we cannot even understand. Whereas the short-term impact of AI depends on who controls it, the long-term impact depends on whether it can be controlled at all.

It’s a short article and worth your time to click over and read the whole thing.  Go ahead, I’ll wait….back? OK, good.  It seems that some very serious thinkers believe there’s a possibility that if AI is developed, human beings could become second-class citizens to it.  Subjugated by a servant of our own creation – that’s some serious irony right there. But…I wanted to tie this into our earlier discussion of “what makes humans human” and “do animals have rights”?  The answers to those questions are usually decided by “the biggest kid on the block”.  Right here, right now that means humans, people.  What if we get knocked down a notch and are no longer the deciders?  Because in a possible post AI future, machines might be asking the question: “Do living things (humans, “organic beings”, “meat machines”) have rights?  Are we going to like the answer?


I'll bet this is how it goes down

I’ll bet this is how it goes down

California population continues to grow…

California population continues to grow…

…let’s hope they’re  bringing their own water.  According to The LA Times, California’s population grew by 1%, reaching 38.3 million.  Further, the article states that suburban and rural populations are falling while the increase is occuring in certain urban areas.  Given that most of middle class California resides in the suburbs and rural areas, I don’t think this bodes well.  And it seems to confirm the perception that the middle class is fleeing California.

image credit: PJ Media

image credit: PJ Media


Here’s a joke:  “Did you hear that Jerry Brown has come out in favor of a border fence? keep the taxpayers in!”  Badda-bing!

Bill Clinton’s Body Language indicates…intention to deceive

Bill Clinton’s Body Language indicates…intention to deceive

I hear you – that’s like saying a bird’s body language indicates intention to fly.  Or a fish’s body language indicates intention to swim.  But hear me out, this is important.

What Has Bill Clinton So Stressed About UFO’s?

About a month ago, former President Bill Clinton appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live.  As one might think, the interview was jovial and light hearted.  But when the conversation turned to what knowledge Clinton had about UFO’s as Commander-in Chief, Clinton tensed up according to Ben Hanson, host of the TV show “Fact ot Faked: Paranormal Files”:

“Hansen, who has a background in law enforcement and degrees in criminology and sociology, analyzed video of the interview, noting non-verbal cues of stress and evasiveness from Clinton’s posture, eye contact and use of his hands. While Hansen acknowledged he is not an expert in non-verbal communications, he uses the skills regularly in his work.”


“Clinton — who had been using both hands as he talked, sitting with both feet on the floor — immediately adopted what Hansen described as a defensive stance, indicative of intention to conceal, when first asked about UFOs. Clinton began gripping firmly both arms of his chair and crossed his legs. For most of the remainder of their conversation about UFOs, Clinton’s right hand stayed firmly anchored to the arm of the chair.”

Well…that proves it.  The only question I have now:  Is Clinton one of the Lizard People?

Hat tip:  I saw this somewhere.. Probably Ace of Spades or Instapundit

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