I like to do a post about music from time to time as you will find out, and what I will usually write about will be my favorite bands.  One of these is Steely Dan.  I became a fan during the 70’s when Top 40 AM radio was still a thing and before FM radio blossomed.  I mean, FM radio existed, but FM radios weren’t common in cars then and until we started putting aftermarket tape decks  in our cars and getting our own places (and stereo setups) the AM radio was still the boss.  And dinosaurs roamed the earth.  Anyhoo…here is a video from the 1970’s TV Show Midnight Special of the band performing their (then current) hit “Reelin’ in the Years”.  What is so great about this isn’t necessarily the performance of the song, but the utter “Seventyness” of the whole clip.  Bonus: introduced by Bill Cosby.  The 1970’s hip Bill Cosby.

Yeah, that’s some 70’s right there.