Prologue:  A Puppy’s Tale – a Fortunate Encounter

Life was good for the three dog family – for  the people and the dogs.  As the black puppy matured, she assumed a dominant role over the other two dogs, despite their being male, older and at least as large as she.  But their realationship was harmonious for the most part aside from occasional agressive play.

Some years passed as the  wheel of life turned.  The boys grew into young men, which is a circumstance that is both natural and completely expected .  Yet other circumstances came to pass that while natural, were completely unexpected and most unwelcome:  the Teacher developed a serious disease.  For several fearful months a fight for her very life ensued, but thankfully it was a fight from which she emerged alive and regaining her health.  It was at this time that the first dog, the oldest male who was ever at the Teacher’s side during her illness then took ill himself.  The dominant black female lessened her assertive behavior toward the aging white muzzled male while his afflictions advanced.  Too soon though, it was time and with their hearts breaking they performed their final duty of euthanizing their friend.  The pack was reduced to two dogs now.

The assertive black female – long since a puppy – and her remaining “sibling” a male German Shepherd mix a few years her senior bickered like siblings do.  She wanted to dominate despite the male’s advantage in size, and since the male had always had a bit of a chip on his shoulder, the relationship sometimes got interesting.  But soon enough larger events overshadowed all others.  The teacher’s disease returned suddenly.  Before much defense could be mounted, and to the family’s deep shock and despair she could not recover and passed away.  She who had acted the part of savior could not herself be saved by any act of man or science.  And so there were a husband and two sons along with many other family and friends who were left with only their questions for God or their anger.  And…their sorrow.

And their two dogs.  Did the dogs grieve?  Did the black dog pose to God a question of “Why?”  This seems unlikely but then there are facets to this existence of which we have no knowledge or understanding.  As unlikely as it seems that the dogs may have grieved or questioned their creator, it seems as just unlikely that the disappearance of a person with whom they shared a bond would pass unnoticed even at whatever rudimentary level they live their emotional lives.  And so, with their world now irrevocably changed, the men, the families, the friends…and the dogs…carried on nonetheless.

To Be Continued….