After having been on life support for over a year now, the blog has finally roused from it’s coma.  Extent of the brain damage if any is yet to be determined – your consultation is requested in the comments so that my prognosis can be assessed. As new content does not simply appear overnight, please peruse this hand picked recycled content while the new content matures.

Why I say THANKS!

In Vino Veritas

Old and Busted: “Smoking Bad”.  New Hotness: “Smoking Good, Vaping Bad”

Hey! You Kids! Get Your Internet Off My Things!

Ignoring The Sand In The Crotch of Life’s Swimsuit

Hmmm…I Wonder What the Internet “Looks Like”?

Everything You Know Is Wrong.  What Now?

Now It’s Time For Me To Harsh Your Mellow

Life In The FastLane…

Old And Busted: If You Build It They Will Come.  New Hotness: If You Build It They Will Go.

BarBots: Here To Help

Eulogy For A Metaphor

Of course, if you are a new reader then this content is not “recycled”, it is fresh and warm from the oven at the center of the blogiverse, where all blog content is created.  That should keep you going for a bit.  Thanks for hanging in there.