Oklahoma Inmate Dies After Execution Is Botched.  First, if it’s an execution and the inmate dies, is it really botched?  I mean, come on.  Mission accomplished.

I respectfully disagree with opponents of the death penalty.  They are entitled to their opinion as am I, a proponent of the death penalty.  I believe there are some crimes so serious at to merit the forfeiture of the perpetrator’s life.  In fact, I think that society has an obligation to  execute perpetrators of anti-social violent crimes, after due process of course.  I do not believe in slow, painful executions.  A hanging, firing squad or a bullet to the head would have been more humane treatment of the inmate in the above story than the idiotic lethal injection regimen most states been forced into by the courts.

OK, let’s have the debate:

Execution won’t bring the victim(s) back!  Keeping the perpetrator alive won’t bring ’em back either.

The death penalty is not a deterrent!  It’s not meant to be a deterrent – it’s a punishment.  Using that logic, we should just repeal all laws since they don’t seem to deter the criminals who violate them.

The Bible says Thou Shalt Not Kill!  The 5th Commandment Says Thou Shalt Not Commit Murder.  There’s a difference.  The Bible also says take an eye for an eye.

Alright, time’s up.

We should take no pleasure in the execution of a murderer – I do not.  It is not done for vengeance.  But it is neccessary.  There are evil people in the world and those that commit crimes such as the Oklahoma inmate deserve death.  If there is mercy to be meted out, it will be done at the hand of the Father.