Not content to ban single use plastic shopping bags, the California Legislature has moved to ban free distribution of single use PAPER shopping bags at stores and supermarkets.  Notice I said free distribution.  Per Senate Bill 270, single use carryout bags may still be provided to customers – at a cost of not less than ten cents each.  So apparently all those extra dimes floating around will be the solution to whatever problem was caused by single use plastic or paper carryout shopping bags.  Oh wait.  There never was a problem caused by either of these.  So…problem solved anyway!  And it only costs a dime!  Huzzah!!  Be sure to look for more small change based solutions coming your way from the geniuses in Sacramento.

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I hope that not all liberals are fuzzy headed enough to believe that plastic shopping bags are the scourge of our lifetime, but I don’t see any evidence of that.  I reuse virtually all of the plastic shopping bags I get when I shop, so if they are banned I will simply have to buy other plastic bags for those uses.  Amount of plastic “saved”? Zero.  The platic bags are recyclable (as are the paper bags).  Yet they are not listed as acceptable materials to be placed in the County recycle containers where I live (the paper bags can be placed in the recycle bins).  I will not use re-usable bags that are transporters of E. Coli and Salmonlella, which is a far greater real problem than any imagined issue related to plastic bags. There are so many common sense “solutions” to any of the so-called problems created by shopping bags, however, they require a little thought instead of just a knee-jerk reaction.  And as we all know by know, there is no room for thoughtful reflection or logic when it comes to creating the Liberal Utopia of California.