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Free speech for me, but not for thee

Free speech for me, but not for thee

UCSB professor assaults pro-life activists in University’s Free Speech Area resulting in misdemeanor charges. How tolerant.

Full story here, but the short version is that on this past March 4th, some members of a pro-life group called Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust (hereafter referred to as “survivors”) were at The University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) at what I guess you’d call a “protest”.  There were a few of them staked out in the quad area of the campus known as “The Arbor” handing out literature and holding graphic pictures showing the effects of late term abortions.  You know what I mean, dead babies.  A UCSB professor named Mireille Miller-Young (Feminist studies) came along and was incensed.  First a heated verbal exchange began between the professor and some students, and the survivors.  Miller-Young then ripped one of the signs out of a survivor’s hands and ran off with it.  Two of the survivors, sisters Joan and Thrin Short, followed after her trying to get their sign back while recording video on a smartphone.  In the struggle for the sign and as one of the students tride to take the smartphone from Thrin the altercation got physical.  The professor and the few students she was accompanied by got in an elevator with the sign which was later found in the professor’s office destroyed.  The UCSB Police investigated and later determined that Miller-Young had broken the law.

You Need To Hear This


I will say up front that I am pro-life and so I am pre-disposed to being sympathetic to the pro-life side here, but that is not my point.  If you believe in Free Speech then you believe that the people you disagree with have the right to express their opinions.  I find it ironic that on a University of California campus where are offered courses of study in all manner of nonsense (i.e. pornography, sex work, feminist & queer theory) in the name of academic freedom that the exercise of free speech is not welcome in a so-called free speech area.  How tolerant of them.

What nice climate we’re having today

What nice climate we’re having today

Here in Northern California today it is sunny and in the 70’s.  Not trying to brag, just making a point.  If you live in another part of the country or the world it may be warmer or colder, wetter or drier.  The weather will change wherever I am or wherever you are.  It’s going to happen, only Bond villains and certain Superheroes can do anything about it.  By that I mean no one can do anything about it.  Where am I going with this?

Here’s where.  I am a Anthropogenic Global Warming Denier.  Just call me Galileo Galilei.  No, I did not say simply Global Warming Denier, I added Anthropogenic which means “induced by man”.  In the title and the opening paragraph I used climate and weather interchangeably when technically they are two different things.  HOWEVER…the weather is a microcosm of the climate and they share charactersitics.  The Climate is a system made up of many smaller weather systems.  So Climate = big picture; Weather = lots of small pictures that make up the big picture.  And here are some of the dots I have connected to arrive at my opinion.

The single greatest influence on earth’s climate is that big yellow thing in the sky.

IN THE SKY!!  I said big yellow thing IN THE SKY!

IN THE SKY!! I said big yellow thing IN THE SKY!


That's better.

That’s better.


Not happy with the weather?  Don’t worry, it’ll change.  Not happy with the climate?  Same thing.  Things change.  The earth started out as a hot ball of gas then cooled on it’s own.  The dinosaurs were not responsible for their own demise.  Nature will take it’s course and as it has been shown the creatures that are capable of adaptation will survive, those incapable of adaptation will die out and become extinct or if a situation devlopes that is impossible to adapt to then it’s curtains for all.  Man did not invent the processes – they have been going on long before we arrived (evolved? sprouted? were dropped off by aliens? whatever.) and they will continue regardless of our continued existence.  Indeed, if it were possible for mankind to influence the climate by varying carbon emissions then the result of limiting emissions could also catastrophic if the earth were entering, unbeknownst to us, a (natural) cooling period.   A reduction of our carbon footprint would exacerbate (if the carbon theory is correct) the cooling perhaps causing an ice age which would have a devastating effect on agriculture and food production possibly leading to global famine and economic collapse.  So we’re screwed either way.  I say let nature take it’s course.  And if anyone tells you the solution to any problem is communism and higher taxes, you should mock them mercilessly.  

Did I mention that it’s nice and sunny here today?  I believe I did.

Voter I.D. laws discriminatory against…the dead

Voter I.D. laws discriminatory against…the dead

Yeah, I thought so.

Mummified Michigan Woman Seemingly Voted In the Afterlife, Records Show.

Nothing to see here…move along.

In California, Utopia is just a bottle ban away

In California, Utopia is just a  bottle ban away

Let us stipulate that California is a lovely place to live.  And further let us agree that people are free to believe whatever they like.  But it gets harder and harder to stay here due to the fact that some of the people in power here believe some of the stupidest things.  Among the majorities in the city councils of our most populous cities, and in the Democratic majorities in both houses of our state legislature there are, in my opinion some seriously fuzzy headed thinkers.  Which in and of itself should not pose a problem, since as I stated earlier I believe they are free to believe what they wish.  The problem comes when they deign to impose their fallacies on everyone in the name of their utopian thinking.

There is a plan afoot to ban plastic shopping bags – First they came for the paper shopping bags and I said nothing, because I preferred plastic.  Now there is a bill in the state assembly that will impose a statewide ban on disposable plastic shopping bags.  Because they take up to much room in the landfill or something.  THERE IS NO GOOD REASON TO DO THIS (caps intended).  If you believe there is, you are wrong.  Never mind that environmentally friendly reusable shopping bags cause the spread of e. coli, norovirus and salmonella.  This constitutes a serious public health risk.

Public Enemy #1

Public Enemy #1


Now their sights are set on plastic water bottles – the San Francisco city council has banned the sale of plastic water bottles on municipal property and will pursue a city wide ban.  For no reason other than some people don’t like these and so you shouldn’t either.  Oh, they have their reasons, but they are nonsensical.  Supervisor David Chiu’s reason is that it takes 1,000 years for 1 bottle to bio-degrade!!!!!!  That’s a long time!  I have an idea that makes just as much sense.  Just pass a law stating that a year will now be 365,000 days long.  Now those pesky bottles will degrade in only a single year.  That’s more like it!  Or we could recycle them.  I wonder how many years that takes….oh, never mind.

There is no aspect of your life that is too profound or too trivial that a do-gooder won’t step in and tell you how you must do it, or that you can’t do it.  And when their utopia is finally realized it is certain to be hell on earth.  Because every single person will be oppressed to one degree or another when all that is not forbidden is mandatory.

Vero dicta inermis ea

Vero dicta inermis ea

“However, it said unarmed”.  That is the google translation of this title which you may recognize as “gibberish” text that sometimes randomly fills text boxes when you are viewing theme examples in various publishing applications.  It is a real language, Latin,  the language of the Romans and it is often termed a “dead language”.  Yet it persists in many areas of our modern lives – science, law and medicine to name a few.  Some of our modern languages are derived from it.  Since wordpress autofilled it into a sample text box I thought it fitting to retain the title and use it for a blog post.  Inspiration is where you find it, am I right?

Guess I'll play it by ear...

Guess I’ll play it by ear…


The title of this blog is also in Latin.  Ego Vero translates roughly to “I Seek Truth”.

Ideas and language go hand in hand.  Without language, ideas exist.  But without ideas, language serves no purpose.

I intend to use this platform to practice the expression of my thoughts and ideas regarding various topics of interest to me through the use of the written word.  I believe that Ideas are the puzzle pieces that make up our lives and make up the human experience.  As each idea is expressed another piece of the puzzle falls into place – another pixel is illuminated.  Eventually the truth emerges and God’s idea comes into focus.  If you should choose to look into my little world I hope you may be entertained, informed or perhaps stimulated toward an idea or thought of your own.  And since you may be walking around inside my head, please wipe your feet first.

So… off I go.  Please join me if you will.  However, it said unarmed.

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