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Old and Busted: Keep your laws out of my bedroom! New Hotness: We need laws in the bedroom!

Old and Busted: Keep your laws out of my bedroom!  New Hotness:  We need laws in the bedroom!

One of the conventional wisdoms of the liberal orthodoxy has long been the belief that zealous religious moralists wished to station themselves at your bedroom door and listen for any… *ahem*… unnatural acts occuring inside so that the perpetrators of said acts could be condemned and shamed, if not outright prosecuted and jailed.  Makes perfect sense, right?  It’s the church ladies of the right who demand strict moral adherence to their dogma, especially when talking to the young ‘uns.  You college kids!  Keep it in your pants!  Or keep it out of your pants!  Or keep your pants on!  Or panties!  Or something!  Talk about a buzzkill. Way to ruin Saturday nights.

But that was then.  This is now.

And now The Good Guys are in charge, so maybe we do need a few rules in the bedroom.  For the children.  The California Legislature got right on that.  The Governor got right on that.  Hmmm…maybe poor choice of words.  What I mean is that the Legislature wrote the bill and the Governor signed it.  Now we have the Affirmative Consent Law.  For The Children®.  Or at least the Female children.  The Male children?  Not so much.  We had to do something because of the rape epidemic.  Haven’t you heard?  All sex is rape – check that – all heterosexual sex is rape.  Therefore all men are rapists.  Oh.  No wonder.  Carry on, then.


Finally…someone has the guts to say it

Finally…someone has the guts to say it

Seems appropriate with election day just around the corner:

People, young or old, who don’t know the issues, budget battles, or the current state of regulations and policy should NOT vote. Ever. I don’t care what Rock the Vote or anyone else says. It’s not your “civic duty” to be a dipshit voter. Stay home if you don’t know what the hell you’re voting for.

Now don’t get too excited, it’s just a random person on facebook saying it.  Still, I applaud.

Hat tip: Althouse

Welcome to the blogosphere. Ego Vero questions answered

Welcome to the blogosphere.  Ego Vero questions answered

I’d like to first welcome any new readers, then give some background and answer some questions about the blog.

*taps the microphone*  Is this thing on?

Ego Vero is my little corner of the internet where I can transform thoughts and ideas that are rattling around inside my head into a form of reality by comitting them to writing.  Ego Vero is Latin for “I seek truth”.  I have invited you along on my journey which may take us along strange paths.  This means I may write about any of several general topics that interest me and for whatever reason occupy my thoughts.  The articles (which are called “posts”) on the home page are in chronological order – newest at the top, older below – and not sorted by category.  As you scroll down you go back in time and see every post covering every subject.  If you don’t wish to see all the categories, you can narrow things down to one category at a time.  Here’s how.  You will see these categories listed on the right hand side of the page – clicking on one of those categories will show you only the posts on that subject.  Let’s say you are an aviation buff who only wants to read my aviation posts and avoid the rest of my blather about Empiricism, robots, music and so on – click on “Aviation” and voila!  You will see only the aviation posts – still in chronological order with the newest at the top.  Same goes for any of the categories.

The category with the most posts by far is “Life”.  Just FYI

You know – Life – as in Life One and Life Two (three? four?……)

Any red text you see within a post contains a link to additional information – an article I used for reference, perhaps another related post I wrote, or a wikipedia link, etc.  Clink on the red text and the link should open in a new tab.

My goal first and foremost is to get these ideas out of my head!  Read the “About” page for more background.  But I invite you, dear reader, in the hope that we may learn something together about ourselves and each other.  And that you may be at least somewhat entertained in the process.  I welcome your feedback via the comments.  To the left of each post title is a two colored box – the top half is red and indicates the date the post was created.  The bottom half is grey and says “comments”.  The number  – which is almost always zero, dammit – indicates how many comments readers have left about the post.  Click on that grey box and you can leave a comment about the post.  Please do!  Your e-mail adress will not be published, shared or used by me in any way.  And there is definitely a slim chance that I will not stalk you.

For more, read How to Read This Here Blog Thingy and For New Readers – Welcome!

So Welcome!  And enjoy.

This is what started me thinking…

This is what started me thinking…

…about Empiricism.

francis bacon tragedy series

Francis Bacon (1561 – 1626), sometimes referred to as the Father of Empiricism.

Hat Tip: Tragedy Series

Now it’s time for me to Harsh your Mellow…

Now it’s time for me to Harsh your Mellow…

AP:  Marijuana Industry Battling Stoner Stereotypes

Recreational marijuana use having been recently legalized in Colorado, the Marijuana Industry (AP’s language) is looking for ways to increase sales.  I wrote about this in an April 22nd, 2014 post at The Men Out Of Work Blog: Marketing Marijuana In Colorado…

Though the law has changed, the cultural battle lines are the same.  Opponents still argue that marijuana use has risks, especially for youths.  Proponents object to the use of stereotypes in campaigns that warn of potential risks.  And one thing is for certain – the marijuana industry – whatever you want to call it – has the goal of increasing marijuana sales, and to do that it must minimize any stigma associated with it’s use and increase the customer base.  Translation:  get more people to use pot.

I don’t think that is a good thing.

Spare me your slings and arrow for a few minutes while I explain.  The older I get, the more libertarian I get.  Notice the small “l”.  Personally, I think that if you want to smoke pot, you should be free to do so.  But now that it’s legal, it’s turned into a business.  And a business’ first and foremost goal is to grow…and grow…and grow some more.  Keep growing, year after year.  That means either the same people have to use a lot more pot, or  – more likely – more people have to start using and keep using it.  And I believe that there is no upside to more people using (or abusing) a mood altering drug.

Spare me the lecture about alcohol.  Yes, it’s legal and often abused.  That is not an argument for adding one more substance to the pallette of legally abusable substances.  Many people use alcohol responsibly.  But can you argue that there is a benefit to society if more people use alcohol, responsibly or otherwise?  Well, I guess you could argue it, but would you?  I wouldn’t.

I am not a prudish teetotaller.  I use alcohol.  I have used marijuana.  In the past, both to excess.  In hindsight I can truthfully say that I would not have misssed out on anything had I never used marijuana.  Using it had costs to me that were financial, physical and intellectual.  Had I been thinking rationally, I would have opted out.  But I did not…because I was not thinking rationally…because I was young.

The legalization of a substance, advertising it and minimizing the stigmas associated with it’s use will have an impact on the most impressionable in our society – young people.  So let’s be careful.  It’s legal, so go ahead, smoke up.  Advertise responsibly.  But let’s not pretend that there are no risks.

Most of all let’s not hide the risks from young people who are most at risk of making foolish impulsive decisions that may affect them for a lifetime.

The Dream Is Over…

The Dream Is Over…

…”Six States” initiative fails to qualify for ballot.

Well, it was fun while it lasted, but according to the California Secretary of State, insufficient valid signatures were submitted to qualify the initiative for the 2016 ballot.  The initiative would have carved California up into six separate states.  You can read this for backgound.

I opined early on that this would never come to fruition because it would upset a very large apple cart for the Democratic Party and Public Sector Labor Unions that have a stranglehold on political power in this state.  They found this baby in it’s cradle and pressed the pillow hard.  Long Live the Status Quo!

Approximately 800,000 signatures were required for the initiative to qualify – nearly 1.4 million were submitted, a seemingly sufficent margin for error.  The SOS predicted that only 66 percent of the signatures were valid based on “random sampling”.  So fully 1/3 of the submited signatures were deemed “invalid”.  I’d like to see a little more in depth reporting on this.  The sponsors of the initiative have promised a review of the invalid signatures.

I’m certain that the Secretary of State did a careful and thorough job of verification.  Certain!

Now this:

Two drummers.  Awesome.  And Mike McDonald when he was still “Salt and Pepper Lightning”.

NEVER Forget

NEVER Forget

airliner towers



CA Legislature Declares WAR!!……

CA Legislature Declares WAR!!……

Not content to ban single use plastic shopping bags, the California Legislature has moved to ban free distribution of single use PAPER shopping bags at stores and supermarkets.  Notice I said free distribution.  Per Senate Bill 270, single use carryout bags may still be provided to customers – at a cost of not less than ten cents each.  So apparently all those extra dimes floating around will be the solution to whatever problem was caused by single use plastic or paper carryout shopping bags.  Oh wait.  There never was a problem caused by either of these.  So…problem solved anyway!  And it only costs a dime!  Huzzah!!  Be sure to look for more small change based solutions coming your way from the geniuses in Sacramento.

More: – Soon We Will Be Mandated To Haul Our Groceries, Booze and Hamburgers Around In Organic-Certified, Fair-Trade, Shade-Grown Burlap Sacks – California Plastic Bag Ban Survives After All

I hope that not all liberals are fuzzy headed enough to believe that plastic shopping bags are the scourge of our lifetime, but I don’t see any evidence of that.  I reuse virtually all of the plastic shopping bags I get when I shop, so if they are banned I will simply have to buy other plastic bags for those uses.  Amount of plastic “saved”? Zero.  The platic bags are recyclable (as are the paper bags).  Yet they are not listed as acceptable materials to be placed in the County recycle containers where I live (the paper bags can be placed in the recycle bins).  I will not use re-usable bags that are transporters of E. Coli and Salmonlella, which is a far greater real problem than any imagined issue related to plastic bags. There are so many common sense “solutions” to any of the so-called problems created by shopping bags, however, they require a little thought instead of just a knee-jerk reaction.  And as we all know by know, there is no room for thoughtful reflection or logic when it comes to creating the Liberal Utopia of California.


Want to make yourself miserable? There’s an app for that

Want to make yourself miserable?  There’s an app for that

One way to make yourself miserable is to stay angry and agitated all the time.  And one way to do that is to stay focused on politics all the time.  Personally, I think that’s a bad idea and I say that as someone who is very interested in politics.

So, here comes the latest bad idea – Buypartisan.  The app that helps “make every day election day”  through “spending choices”.  It lets you scan a product’s barcode to get information on which political party the company’s CEO, Board of Directors and employees donate to.  Reviews of the app can be found here and here or at many places via google.

So this app should do two things to create more angry people – first there will be more people clogging the aisles at your favorite grocery outlet on their smartphones.  That’s not gonna make anyone happy.  Then, those people using the app will be ticked when they realize the CEO of the company that makes their favorite cornflakes donates money to the “wrong” party.  I predict, chaos, mayhem and mass hysteria.

credible hulk


Politics is not unimportant, but we are all more than simply our political identity.  At some point you have to distance yourself from political considerations and just live your life.  Life is not a zero sum game.  Money flows where money flows.  Sometimes you just have to let it be.

Ohs Noes! Six States Initiative Would Create “Rich and Poor States”

Ohs Noes!  Six States Initiative Would Create “Rich and Poor States”

Let the Liberal hand-wringing begin.  Reuters: “California Breakup Plan Would Create Rich and Poor States: Report”.  If there is one thing that cannot be tolerated in California – whether it is one California or Six – it is inequality.

In case you are wondering what I’m talking about, there is an initiative being considered for the California ballot called The Six Sates Initiative which would create six separate states out of California.



According to the Reuters story, the richest state would be Silicone Valley with a per Capita income of $63,288, and the poorest would be Central California with a per capita income of $46,477.  The story also states that the plan has raised “bipartisan hackles”, but quotes no one.  Near as I can tell, everyone outside of “Silicone Valley”, “West California” and “South California” thinks it’s a great idea because those areas are heavily populated and deeply liberal/Democratic while the rest of the state is more sparsely populated and leans Independent/Conservative/Republican and are tired of being force fed a liberal Democrat agenda.  As far as the fiscal disparity, they are sure they can handle their own affairs.

Of course, the stated “inequality” exists even now, regardless of the initiative, but I doubt the concern is great enough for the rich to “redistribute” any of their wealth to their “poorer” bretheren.  All that’s needed is to defeat the initiative, keep those people on the la-la liberal plantation and everything will be fine.

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