When I read the headline The Dawn of a Robot Revolution as Army of Machines Escape the  Factory, I confess that  my imagination took me back in time to this:

That's me.  No, not the robot.  The robot karate dude

That’s me. No, not the robot. The robot karate dude


I imagined hordes of malevolent robots escaping their factories, bent on revenge and mayhem against their creator-oppressors.  But in reading the story, it turns out that the revolution is in how and where robotics are used instead of human labor.  A more accurate headline might have been something like “Increasing number of benign machines make cost effective replacement of human labor with robotics more commonplace outside of traditional industrial factory settings”.  However…that loses a little of it’s ooomph…the revised headline could possibly be used to sedate a large animal.  How about you?  Still awake?  Good.

As I like to say, just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get me.  And so the robot conspiracy may yet be underway regardless.  I have heard that robots are a patient lot.  I’d keep an eye on that Automatic Cow Milking Machine if I were you.

Oh..and since it’s Music Friday: