I entitled this post “Don’t Worry…Be Happy” because it sounded better than “As spirits in a material world, we sometimes have a hard time living an existence in a solid three dimensional space”.  Because here on earth over the long eons of human evolution we have learned that in order to achieve a certain outcome (our will), certain physical efforts must be made.  We have learned, initially as a matter of survival that physical things must be moved or changed to suit our will or desired outcome.  The physical solutions that were (and are) required to solve physical problems are of no effect for non three dimensional issues.  Physical assertions will produce no results in the realm of the mind.

Remember that there are aspects of our lives that are not physical.  There is a great deal that goes on inside our heads.  Certainly we are physical creatures and we exist in a solid world governed by physical (as in physics) laws.  But there is a spiritual component to our being as well that is unbound by laws of gravity, inertia etc.  Can we understand the difference between the physical and the spiritual and how to initiate changes that cannot be accomplished by movements of the physical?  How can we make changes in our non-physical realm to bring about desired outcomes?  Or is it, in fact, possible at all?  Spritually are we just along for the ride?  Do the constraints of the physical world limit the possibilities of the spiritual?  I ask these questions rhetorically, since there may not be an answer, or conversely there may be too many answers.


But seriously…


There are many things in life that people wish they could change, and in pursuit of that change we often entangle the physical and the spiritual.  We build physical barriers between ourselves and the actions that might bring those changes about.  Aren’t we strange critters.

Most people would tell you they want to be happy.  But if you ask an unhappy person what would make them happy?  Likely they will name the lack of certain material possessions.  Or they may cite the existence of conditions beyond their control for their unhappiness, as in how can I be happy when Panda Bears are going extinct?.  Or they will project onto others the blame for their condition:  Why does no one love me (when I do not love myself?).

We all have things in our lives that cause us to worry, to be angry or to be sad and these are often things outside of ourselves and beyond our control.  Can we accept the fact that there are things beyond our control or beyond our influence, and understand influence versus control?  You only control you.  You may influence others or events, but you cannot control them.

So ask yourself if you are serious about being happy.  One needn’t justify a conscious decision to live a happy and joyous life.  Act locally, and by locally I mean within the boundaries of your skull.  Stay within yourself, geographically and chronologically; Try to see this picture in your mind – envision the universe as a target and you are at the very center point of the “bull’s eye”.  In fact the center point is in the center of your mind.  The concentric circles of the target extend around that point, the first rings inside you, and then more around you, then extending out to infinity.  You control only the center point.  You have no control over the rest, the best you can do is influence.   So don’t worry, be happy.  And see what influence it has on your world.