It’s a fact.  The Washington Post says so in the article Female Named Hurricanes Kill More that Male Hurricanes Because People Don’t Respect Them, Study Finds.  A study has found it to be so. Enraged at the disrespect shown them, even in the face of their multitasking superiority over their weaker, less inteligent male counterparts they have launched a campaign of death and destruction unlike any previously experienced by humankind aimed at garnering them the respect they so deserve, the respect they are entitled to.  That’s what the study probably said…I didn’t read it.  I don’t have time, I got a lot on my plate – these cat videos aren’t going to watch themselves.

The deadly practice of naming inanimate things after women has a long and …well a long history, and the results are sometimes beneficial in the long run.  The most recent example was during WWII when the allies came up with a secret plan to increase the effectiveness of bombing raids against the axis powers by naming bombers after women – girlfriends, wives, or just sexy babes in general.  It was believed that the enemy would not take thusly named aircraft seriously, and this disrespect would greatly increase the damage and casualties inflicted.  And as we now know, “Operation Sexism Gambit” helped turn the tide.

As we face greater and greater crises in the world today I look to our leaders to once again harness this awesome power of The Rage Of Disrepected Female Named Inanimate Things (TRODFNIT) and use it unsparingly to rid the globe of the scourges of inequality, perceived inequality, hallucinatory disrespect, and unfairness *sob*.  After all, Hell hath no fury like some inanimate thing named after a woman scorned.