This is coverage you count on…brought to you by…take a guess.  National Enquirer?  People Magazine?  Cosmo?  Wrong!  Via the Washington Post Wonkblog, I give you “Where Cats Are More Popular Than Dogs In The U.S. – And All Over The World”.  Interactive map I promised you is at the link.  Somebody’s got to get the word out, so not fair for me to blame the messenger.  People (like me) are blogging about it and linking it, so I guess Mission Accomplished.  Anyhoo…what’s your guess as to who’s the most popular?  SPOILER ALERT!  Turns out it’s pretty close to even steven everywhere, at least in the U.S.  Europe is another story.  They like their cats over there because they are so…European.

Meanwhile, who is more popular with Baby Elephants?

Moral of the story?  Do not mess with a baby elephant unless you want the Monty Python Treatment.