Somewhere in Canada, a bear and her cubs wandered too close to the highway and one of the cubs was trapped on the wrong side of a barricade.  Don’t worry, Mama knows what to do:

Aww.. how cute.  Don’t get out of your car though, because Mama Bear will rip your arms off.  Next, a diver who was shooting photos for a National Geographic article encountered a Leopard Seal which is a large dangerous predator.  Instead of attacking him, the seal attempted to feed him.  Warning: If you like penguins you may not want to watch because penguins are what leopard seals eat and so that is what the leopard seal attempted to feed him:

That is one scary seal and one crazy photographer.  I mean that in a good way.  I predict that one day he will be eaten by something.  Maybe the seal was trying to fatten him up.