If there is anyone out there who hasn’t given up on me yet, you may now be a step closer to doing so.  I hear you asking “what is he on about with ignoring the sand in the crotch of life’s swimsuit?”

In my never ending quest to find subjects about which to write or areas where truth may be sought out, I read a blog post at Althouse entitled Why Should We Succumb To What Virginia Postrel Calls The “Seduction” and “Glamour” Of Travel, which was in turn about an article called The Glamour of Getting Away by Virginia Postrel on Medium.com.  One of the points in Postrel’s article which sparked debate at Althouse was an assertion that the “glamour” of travel is what “seduces” us to do it, and that certain air of illusion must be crafted so the aura of glamour isn’t tarnished.  And that illusion of glamour is essential lest we not be seduced.   From the article:

“Glamour can rightly be only a guide, not a destination. If you expect your vacation to be a series of perfectly composed still photos, with no sandy bathing suits, sore feet, or fellow tourists, you won’t have a good time.” 

And then what?  We couldn’t be seduced into traveling anymore?  Not everyone needs to be seduced into traveling – I know I don’t.  A man needn’t be seduced by that which he desires.  I like to travel.  I also like living.  And life, like travel, involves a certain amount of glossing over inconvenient, unattractive or unsavory…*ahem*…circumstances.

tumbleweed tragedy

Does Postrel have a point in asserting that absent the “glamour” of travel and our vulnerability to it’s seductive charms, we won’t enjoy ourselves?  Indeed is it possible at all to enjoy anything unless we are seduced by the glamour of it?  Will we only partake of those life experiences that can seduce us into action?  Concupiscence aside, I don’t believe that’s so.

To each his own motivations.  Some people may choose to travel, some may not.  If you don’t like taking your shoes off at the airport, or if the prospect of unpleasant odors at your destination chagrines you, then you probably won’t travel.

But if life is a journey, will you stay home?  Because if you want to live your life like a day at the beach – you’ll need to ignore the sand in your shorts.