Some people seems to have a pathological need to see crises everywhere.  The current panic I am referring to is the illogical paranoia over “gentically modified organisms” or GMOs or more commonly Genetically Modified Foods.  Some people (yes, those “some people”) are upset becasue GMOs are “unnatural” or that GMOs are part of some plot by Big Ag to poison the world.  Never mind that GMOs have been around for almost 20 years (longer, really) and the most destitute populations of the world will reap the most benefit from them, literally in this case, since most GMOs take the form of modified strains of corn or rice that will increase yields, nutrition or resistance to pests to help feed a hungry third world.

BAD corn...BAD!!

BAD corn…BAD!!


We have been eating GMOs for almost two decades now;  there have been approximately 2000 studies done without a single documented case of illness, disease or harm caused by GMOs.  So enough with the panic already.  Besides – if worse comes to worse, you can always live on Soylent.

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