These two stories are abvious parodies….right?

NPR: “Do Girls Scout Cookies Still Make The World A Better Place?”  Short take from the article: OMG NO!!! Because “Girl Scout cookies are just another sign of the problem of hyperconsumption. … because you’re co-opting innocent children.”

Resistance is futile

Resistance is futile


The Guardian:  “Pheromone Parties: One Way To Sniff Out a New Lover”.  I’ll just give you a couple block quotes:

After sticking my nose in a few bags it became clear there were three distinct categories of smell: the not-really-smelling-of-anything-except-washing-powder, the drenched-in-aftershave, and the bloody-hell-have-you-never-considered-deodorant?


“All the girls are too clean,” one bloke complained. “Weren’t the rules that you couldn’t wash?” It turned out that he had provided one of the more potently “natural” offerings on the table.

something about this doesn't smell right

something about this doesn’t smell right


Sometimes I think that everyone on earth is crazy except you and me… and I’m not that sure about you.