Here is this week’s installment in my “peak music year” discovery project.  Recall that I am reviewing the BillBoard Hot 100 charts from 1965 to 1975 to determine the group or artist that had the most #1 songs during those periods.  If you’d like to review quickly, you can read my previous posts here:

Music Friday – 1966 BillBoard Hot 100 Edition

Music Friday 1965 – BillBoard Hot 100 Edition

OK.  All caught up?  Good.  Now on to 1967.  Before I unveil the group that had the most #1 songs on the BillBoard Hot 100 chart that year, I have an observation to make.  In 1967, there were several songs that had long stretches at the #1 position, so while the “winner” this year again had the most songs to hit #1, there were other artists that had fewer songs hit #1, but their songs held more weeks at #1 than the winner.  I’ll explain further at the end of the post.

The envelope please….and the winner is…The Beatles!  I told you last week that I sensed a pattern, and it continues this year too.  The Beatles had three #1 songs in 1967:  Penny Lane, All You Need Is Love and Hello Goodbye, the most of any group or artist that year.  Each song was at the #1 position for one week, a total of three weeks.  Here they are:

Penny Lane, #1 the week of March 18th, 1967

All You Need is Love, #1 the week of August 19th, 1967

And finally we closed the year out with Hello Goodbye, #1 the week of December 30th 1967

I mentioned there were songs by other artists that spent longer at the #1 position than the three Beatles songs combined.  The longest running #1 song that year was six weeks at #1, and another song sat at #1 for five weeks.  Not only that, there were five different songs that held #1 for four week stints and a smattering of songs that stayed at #1 for three weeks apiece.  What were those songs?  I’ll tell you…in the next installment.  You won’t want to miss it so stay tuned!