As in deconstructing the Beatles.  This is a little about the music and a little about how it is was made, that is, performed and recorded.  Or at least how it was done in “the olden days”.  Here is a YouTube video that breaks down Sgt. Pepper’s Lonley Heart’s Club Band into the 4 tracks it was recorded on.  Yep, the analog tape machines of the day only recorded on 4 tracks, so the engineers had to get a little creative.  George Martin who produced and/or engineered many Beatles recordings is considered an early master at fitting everything onto the 4 available tracks, a practice known as “ping-ponging”.

Interesting, no?  I think it holds up well strictly as an instrumental.  And the harmonies seem all the more…harmonious when you hear them a capella.  Anyway, lots of Deconstructing The Beatles videos at YouTube if you’re interested.