Welcome to another edition of Music Friday.  I’m your host, Kasey Kasem.  Jumping of on a tangent from last Music Friday, today we will foray into the New Wave Movement of  the late 1970s and early 1980s.  New Wave Music was an evolution of Punk Rock, tweaked ever so slightly to give it some mainstream appeal and therefore chance of commercial viability.  If you are about my age and have ever listened to a radio, you have probably heard these songs, which I chose to highlight the fact that New Wave did what it set out to do, which was reach an audience.

First up, English group The Fixx.  This song, “One Thing Leads To Another”, is their most successful recording, having reached #4 on the US Billboard Top 100 in 1983:

Loved it.  OK, next here is a band from Scotland called Big Country.  This song, “In a Big Country” was popular at the same time as the previous song, as it reached #17 on the US Billboard Top 100 the same year. Give a listen:

Sounds Scottish, no?  Apparently those are not bagpipes you hear, but heavily engineered electric guitar.  Interesting.  Moving on to our final stop, we have the English group Tears For Fears.  They had many commercial successes, this song being one of them.  “Head Over Heels” reached #3 on the US Billboard Top 100 in 1985:

There you have just a little taste of the late 70s and early 80s.  Have a favorite that I overlooked?  Leave it in the comments.  I take requests!