Yep, it’s Music Friday.  Like a true ’60s Refugee I will delve in to the 1969 BillBoard Hot 100 and deliver a one hit wonder from an American band that flirted briefly with fame and fortune: The New Colony Six.  Six guys from Chicago with a dream – and at least one decent song.  When I was in the 7th grade I probably heard this song on KROY or KXOA but I honestly don’t remember it from then.  I heard it recently on Sirius XM sattelite radio where you can come full circle and listen to AM radio all over again, just with better speakers.  I’m still hoping for cassettes to make a comeback BTW.

Like most groups in the 1960s, these guys had a schtick which was their colonial costumes similar to what Paul Revere and the Raiders wore.  I don’t know if they imitated PR&R or if it was the other way around, but Paul Revere and the Raiders were certainly more…popular.  Well known.  Successful? I guess, but that might have boiled down simply to better management rather than an advantage in talent.  Whatever. It’s all in the past now and probably most of these folks aren’t around anymore.  But they did leave us this.  I hope you enjoyed it.