Welcome to Music Friday on a Saturday morning.  What can I say? I just ran out of Friday.  No matter – since there are no more Saturday morning cartoons you don’t have anything better to do, right?  Thought so.

OK, so jumping off my previous post (scroll down or click here), I want to throw something different at you.  These songs are among my favorites – what does that say about me?  If you ask me, it says nothing.  But what do you imagine it says about me?  Listen to these while you ponder that.

Presented with minimal commentary.  Click on the artist’s name to follow a link to their Wikipedia page.  First up is a song from the soundtrack of a popular movie by dueling pianists Ferrante & Teicher:

Come to think of it, these are all from soundtracks.  The next offering is the first of a pair from Henry Mancini:

And finally another Henry Mancini arrangement:

So.  Any opinions?  Did my choices reveal my secret personality?  Please feel free to leave a comment.