For what seems like decades now we have been warned about the danger of second hand smoke – not just the danger of wafting outdoor second hand smoke from the smokers exiled to their “areas” on the outskirts of society, but the just as deadly second hand smoke coming from inside your neighbor’s apartment or home.  The insidious tendrils of smoke are capable of wending their way through the smallest openings in the walls and creeping into your space where they can do their deadly deeds.  A man’s home may be his castle, but if you live next to a smoker’s castle you are within your rights to dictate that smoker’s behavior because his four walls give you no protection from that stinking scourge.  Of course, we’re talking about Tobacco smoke.  Cannabis smoke?  That’s Different!®

Just Google “second hand cigarette smoke apartments” – I’ll do it  – click here.  You get article after article explaining the health risks of your neighbor’s second hand smoke and advice on how to agitate your landlord to prohibit smoking completely in your complex, or even advice on how to take action against your neighbor smoking on his or her own property.  That is  – if they’re smoking the evil weed tobacco.  If they’re smoking pot – stop bugging us about it!  We can’t do anything because it’s legal.  Or so say the police in Colorado where recreational cannabis use was recently legalized.

I’ve said before that I don’t care if someone wants to smoke pot, especially if it’s legal where they live.  I also don’t care if someone wants to smoke cigarettes, which are legal everywhere last time I checked.  What I don’t like are double standards.  Sauce for the goose should be  sauce for the gander, and second hand smoke is second hand smoke.