Once upon a time, there was a puppy – a medium sized female with all black fur – that was not treated well by the humans whose control she was under.  One day she was tied up with an electrical extension cord around her neck, which turned out to be a bit of luck for her because she was able to chew through that extension cord and get away from those people who had mistreated her.  After her escape, she wandered the neighborhood and discovered a space where she felt safe.  This space happened to be a public school with some temporary buildings under which she could take shelter.  After a few days passed. the school authorities became aware of the puppy’s  presence.  Since they believed it might be a hazard to the students, or at least a nuisance, they contacted the authorities to have  her removed.

On the day that the animal control authorities arrived and were attempting to catch the puppy, one of the teachers at the school was watching.  Apparently the puppy did not feel threatened by the teacher and she ran willingly to her and allowed the teacher to place her in the back of her car.  The teacher informed the authorities that she would take responsibility for the dog and they agreed to let her do so.  The teacher brought the puppy home with her that day.

When she arrived at her home with the puppy, the teacher’s two children were excited and happy to have another dog to go along with the two they already had.  The teacher’s husband was somewhat less excited at the prospect of adding a third dog to their “pack”, so it was decided that they would take the puppy to the vet for her shots and to be spayed – and to be put up for adoption.  The family took the puppy in to the vet and left her there for a few days while they went on a short vacation, expecting that by the time they returned, the puppy would have been adopted.  But…the puppy was not adopted.  And so when the family returned from their vacation, they picked up the puppy and took her home with them. The teacher’s husband remained skeptical of the three dog plan and still hoped someone would want to adopt the puppy.  Then after only a few days, the husband found himself purchasing a pink plastic squeaky ball.  The transaction was a confirmation of something he attempted to deny, but that he knew was true – he had come to love the black puppy and any thought of adopting her out was banished.  The teacher and her children were happy, since they had wanted to keep the puppy all along, but they new that dad would have to be OK with it and now he was.  So the puppy stayed and they indeed became a three dog family.

To be continued……