…and the bartender says “I can’t serve you because I’m not sure you exist!”  Bada-bing!  Meh…needs work.  Anyhoo… it looks like we haven’t yet even learned all of what we don’t know.  That is to say that the more we learn, the more we don’t know.  Or something.  If I can’t get that point across, then I have no chance of explaining subatomic physics regarding the discovery of a new “exotic” particle, the 4 Quark Hadron.  Or rather the confirmation of the 2007 discovery of the 4 Quark Hadron.  So I’ll suggest you follow that link to a very concise and surprisingly easy to understand article on the subject at the UK Daily Mail.  Why do you care?  OK, you don’t but why should you care?  Because atoms and their subatomic components make up everything in our entire universe and we will never figure out what the hell this whole universe thing is about if we cannot even understand what it is made of.

Besides, C'mon!  It's Hadrons!

Besides, C’mon! It’s Hadrons!