Well…mostly the return of baseball season.  People who know me know that I am not a big sports guy.  I express enough interest to keep my guy card current, but I am no fanatic by any means.  I am however, a big baseball guy.  And the reason I am a big baseball guy: to me baseball is more than a sport.

Defined strictly in terms of entertainment (wasn’t there a movie by that title?  No wait.  That was Terms of Endearment), for me it is the ultimate reality television.  Certainly there is a plot.  There is drama, conflict and resolution.

It is by turns a marathon, a soap opera or a science experiment.  It’s comedy, drama and tragedy.  It’s  biography, it’s fiction and truth that is stranger than fiction.  It is all of these every day from the end of March until October – dozens of episodes occurring all across America, the outcome of each individual contest having some effect on the others being played and on still others yet unplayed.  Dozens of possible outcomes that are decided on the random path of a hit or thrown ball.  Unscripted, and without a clock.  As Yogi Berra famously said, “It ain’t over ’til it’s over”.  Managers and players can plan and strategize but once the ball is in play anything can happen.

Like I said, anything can happen

Like I said, anything can happen


Some negatives.  There is the spitting….no one likes that.  But you can’t chew tobacco and not spit.  I suppose in another generation or so that will be a thing of the past.  And the crotch adjusting.  You must wear a cup to play baseball (if you don’t the ball WILL find “you”.  It’s like it knows) and it’s going to need adjustment from time to time.  The tight pants can be a plus – my wife likes looking at those.

A common lament I hear from non-fans is that baseball is so boring.  I am here to tell you that if you’re bored, it’s because you’re not paying attention.  There is always something happening, and that applies to more than just baseball.  Like so many things, you’ve got to pay attention.  You see where I’m going, don’t you?  A baseball game is an experiment in life.  It begins, it endures and it ends.  And then another begins and ends and so on and so on……and the events along the timeline from beginning to end are often strange and unpredictable.

There’s more here than meets the eye, one must only look.