Because…”shut up!” they explained.  Nothing to see here…move along.

We have seen no evidence of voter fraud

“We have seen no evidence of voter fraud” – Acorn


22 states participated in a consortium called Operation Crosscheck to compare voter records across state lines.  Initial findings from just one state (North Carolina) indicated that there are almost 36,000 people registered to vote in NC and another state who voted in both places in 2012.  Not to mention the dead people voting.

NC Board of Election Report (see page 35)

NC Legislative Join Statement

It is noteworthy in my opinion that only 22 states participated in the project and that the most populous states (California, Florida, New York and Texas) did not participate. God only knows what the hell is going on there.  Progressives like to accuse Republicans or Conservatives of voter fraud and it must be true.  They win all the time! Oh, wait…


Why stop at two?

Why stop at two?


How do you know if a Democrat is guilty of something?  When they accuse you of it.