If you  have read much here you know that musically I am stuck in the 70’s.  If you haven’t read much here, congratulations on not wasting a lot ot time on the internet.  Now go tell all your friends and acquaintances that might be  disposed to wasting a lot of time on the internet to read this blog.  Thank you.  Now back to our program – in listening to my 70’s playlist today up comes ” Aquarius” by The 5th Dimension, a song that gained popularity in the late 60’s (ok, not 70’s) as one of the songs from the musical “Hair”.  This was at the peak of the hippie movement and the lyrics are all about how the dawning age of Aquarius will usher the human race into an era of perpetual peace, love and understanding.

Still there? OK, I’ll get to my point (finally!).  The song was released about forty years ago and the human race is just as screwed up now as it was then, if not more.  So what the hell happened?

I looked up “Age of Aquarius”; follow the link if you have some time, but I’ll give you the short take:  Various astrologers and philosophers have competing theories about what it actually means and when it will arrive (or did arrive) based on differing astrological calendars (though Robert Zoller’s summation seems to fit the current times very well).  Of course it helps to have some belief in astrology, which I don’t, but this is a thought exercise.  Oh, sorry I forgot to tell you – this is a thought exercise.  So The Age of Aquarius  may or may not have dawned or have yet to dawn and if so, there is no guarantee that it will usher in an era of “sympathy and trust abounding”, “mystic crystal revelations” or “the mind’s true liberation”.

My question is: if the earth’s relative position in the cosmos were able to influence human behavior, is the human race even capable of achieving that level of enlightenment?

The short answer in my opinion: NO.  Let me expand that somewhat:  Can A Human Being achieve that level of enlightenment?  Most likely YES;  Can the Human Race as a whole achieve that level of enlightenment?  Most likely NO.

Magical rays of love from the universe are not going to change human nature.  There will always be warmongers, sociopaths, haters and idiots with too many items in the express lane.  No, the only thing that can change human nature is one human – who can change his or her own human nature.  One person cannot change the world – only themselves.  One can only influence what is outside one’s self.  If you want to change the world, change yourself first – clean up your own act.  Tidy up your own metaphysical house and yard and before trying to reach outside your borders into someone else’s territory and change other’s behavior.

What do you think?  Leave your thoughts in the comments!