Over a PriceEconomics.com I read a story of a guy who took a job with UPS because he heard they had good benefits.  He started out working the ramp at Louisville Inernational Airport where the shipping company had established it’s hub, and as years passed, this fellow worked his way up the food chain until one day he was tasked with figuring out how to ship two whale sharks from Taiwan to Atlanta and then later two Beluga whales from Mexico City to Atlanta.  His name is Bland Matthews and he is known as UPS’ logistical guru.  Oh…and the answer to those questions involves a Boeing 747 and a balancing act.

UPS 747

Click here to read the whole fascinating story.  While it is an intersting tale of how to get big jobs done, Mr. Matthews reveals a little secret about life in general:

On Christmas morning, he received a call. “They asked me to be a ‘cargo load master’ and I immediately said yes, not even knowing what that was,” says Matthews. “When a door opens, I don’t say ‘I can’t do it,’ — I just say yes, then figure it out later.”