Hello!  My name is Mike and this is my blog where I share my thoughts about my interests, hobbies and life in general in the micro and macro.  Inasmuch as I view life as a search for truth I named the blog Ego Vero, a latin phrase which means “I seek truth”.

I am a middle aged white guy living in central northern California.  I have lived here most of my life and like to refer to myself as a “technical native”.

I intend to use this platform to practice the expression of my thoughts and ideas regarding various topics of interest to me through the use of the written word.  I see Ideas as the puzzle pieces that make up our lives and make up the human experience.  As each idea is expressed another piece of the puzzle falls into place – another pixel is illuminated.  Eventually the truth emerges and God’s idea comes into focus.  If you should choose to look into my little world I hope you may be entertained, informed or perhaps stimulated toward and idea or thought of your own.  And since you may be walking around inside my head, please wipe your feet first.

So… off I go.  Please join me if you will.


PS – I can be contacted by sending an e-mail to MikeS (at) Ego-Vero (dot) net using the standard email adress formatting.  That is, use the @ sign for (at) and a period for the (dot).  Stupid spambots.

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