Manager of Fukuoka Owl Cafe Alleged in Prostitution Ring

I’ve heard of a Bunny Ranch, but an Owl Cafe?  Where did this happen?  Oh.  Japan.  That explains a lot – but not everything.  The link goes to a story at The Tokyo Reporter, which from appearances seems to cover the Tokyo Hooker beat.  In reading the story, we learn that there was no connection between the Owl Cafe and the prostitution ring other than the fact that the manager of the Owl Cafe was (allegedly) involved in the prostitution ring whereby an outcall “delivery health” business delivered prostitutes to “love hotels” in order to…*ahem*…conduct business.  I am not making this up.

OK, so it’s the world’s oldest profession.  We all understand how that works.  What I want to know is, what the heck is an Owl Cafe?  Not THE Owl Cafe, rather AN Owl Cafe.  Turns out an Owl Cafe is a little restaurant featuring several varieties of Owls that may be “handled by customers”.  Managed by a prostitution ring leader.  Riiiiight.  Well, everybody knows that what happens in Fukuoka stays in Fukuoka.