“Truth ever defies full definition. Like electricity it can only be explained by noting its manifestation. It is the compass of the soul, the guardian of conscience, the final touchstone of right. Truth is the revelation of the ideal; but it is also an inspiration to realize that ideal, a constant impulse to live it.”  – excerpt from “The Power of Truth” by William George Jordan.

Is Truth the same as “The Truth”?  I suppose that “The Truth” could be explained as the presence of a demonstrable fact, whereas “Truth” is more amorphous idea such as Love, Hate, Good, or Evil.  In other words the concept, though it exists in the realm of thought, can only be demonstrated in concrete terms by pointing to an example rather than a definition.  And though it may be the “compass of the soul” a being with free will is free to choose to ignore it.  As a navigational aid the compass will always point the same direction and by that measure can we gauge our own direction of travel.  The truth will ever be the Truth, it is only we who may waver in our pursuit of it.  Or we may reject it outright and choose other landmarks as we travel through our lives.  At the end to the sojourn will truth be realized if a course is charted correctly?  Indeed, can it be realized?  Or is the journey the destination and  so therein lies the only manifestation of Truth?