Let me start by saying I am sick of bullsh*t.  What bullsh*t, you ask?  All this bullsh*t *waves hands around*.  It’s knee deep these days and getting worse.  So I am going to start calling people out on their bullsh*t.  Or call bullsh*t out on it’s bullsh*t or whatever…I’ll point out bullsh*t.


First – some of my own bullsh*t.  I have several favorite phrases that I use when confronted with and perplexed by various bullsh*t scenarios.  I like to exclaim “it’s all bullshit!” when someone makes an inexplicably bad and/or illogical decision that goes against my interests.  Sometimes I say “Dees ees boolsheet, man!”  in the voice of Ren from Ren & Stimpy which is what I often say when confronted with an unpleasant and unexpected surprise.  Or there is “Dat’s some bullshit right there” said a la Eddie Murphy (emphasis on the Bull) which is beautifully suited to any situation.  And finally the simple exclamation “BULLSHIT!” , used like a verbal rubber stamp, as if stamping the bullsh*t label on the offending transgression.  This is done quickly and loudly as if trying to win the bullsh*t game where you must be the first to buzz in with the response.

Woody & Buzz bullshit

Our quest for deciphering bullsh*t may take us on  strange paths and across some unexpected reveleations up to and including multi-level bullsh*t which is bullsh*t built upon a foundation of more bullsh*t;  6 degrees of separation bullsh*t, where you will be surprised to find out that two apparaenlty separate instances of bulllsh*t are actually part of the same larger pool of bullsh*t;  and what is referred to as “unbelievalbe bullsh*t” which is something that is such total bullsh*t that it is…well… unbelievable.

Bullsh*t slingers beware!  You have been warned!